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  • [quote=Zuania]WHY IS EVERYONE FREAKING SMOKING?????? GRRRR[/quote] Have you ever worked on a movie? 14-16 hour days for months on end? Well when you have, and you can stay away from coffee, cigarettes and pretty much anything else that helps you relax or feel better, you'd better notify the media so you they can award you with a big shiny medal.
  • [quote=littlemisspitiful]Big deal.... she smokes pot too. surprise surprise. You all act like your breathing in their second hand smoke or some sh!t, when in reality you people will never ever be lucky enough to be in the same room as any of them. Smoke it up & breath deep! You only live once so LIVE it up![/quote] So true - it's like the whole world's anti smoking parties all teamed up to combine their powers against the evil smokers...
  • So WHAT? Who gives a fat rats if he smokes? WHY is this such a big deal? At least he's not getting drunk in some night club then driving himself home.
  • He makes one joke about not washing his hair and it gets made into a big 'ooh he's so dirty!' media scandal. *sigh* It's called humour. Americans don't understand British humour, because it doesn't involve people having things dropped on their heads or being kicked in the nuts.