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  • wow look at that!! her brain finally leaked all the way out!!
  • nitemare on elm street
  • hate to see wat happens if those twins fall out
  • cutie pie
  • wonder if she super glued them together then put wedges underneath to hold them up?
  • humpty dumpty
  • shes pretty but needs to get her neck the same color as her face
  • [quote=Sarah]All that you're doing God suffereth Will you go to hell Please wake up Muslims will enter Paradise and you are in the loss of The temptations of this world, but at death there is life other Pain you see what happened in Palestine because of you? You see the pain killed smiling this is the religion of Islam makes you happy and relaxed On the end of the world Close Everyone will be punished and will remember my words I know that most of you will hate me But I want to advise you Bye[/quote] ive read about this muslim paradise u speak of sarah-every guy will have 40 virgins when he dies-wat do u girls get? slaves to do ur work or lots of food thats not rice and chicken? why r u posting this sht here????? did someone offend u????
  • apparently money cant buy everything-if so she wouldnt be walking around with a nose you could ski off of-does have pretty eyes though
  • looks like the homeless dude i bought a hamburger for last week...