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  • Does anyone know which designer Minka's dress is by?
  • What an original concept! I'm sure it will be nothing like 'the O.C.', '90210', 'One Tree Hill', 'Gossip Girl', 'the Hills', 'the Hills'' various counterpart shows, etc., etc.. I'm equally as sure that it won't get cancelled after one scandalous, cheating, shagging, car-crash-full season, and I'm ALMOST as sure that Ms. Barton will deliver one of her habitual screen-stealing performances - you know! - the way she did in... 'St. Trinian's'? and... that 'Keds' campaign? I for one can't wait.
  • I think that Jessica Biel is an absolute whore.
  • [quote=missyninz]reality check. MILEY is MILEY. she is whoever she is. but god, a hooker must be the last thing she is or wanna be. hell, she's a teen! and we teen girls think about dating, and fashion etc. so let's leave the girl alone.. let's not call her a bitch or a hooker for jogging with her super hot man. we have no idea what it's like to be in her shoes..[/quote] 'Teen girls' think about more than just dating and fashion.. You are clearly as vapid as the manufactured star that is Miley Cyrus if you think otherwise.
  • [quote=Steven]How dreadful an individual is Gallagher? How can he possibly call any other person an embarrassment after all of his loutish antics? What on earth makes him think anyone is remotely interested in anything he offers an opinion on? It's time he used some of his gains to afford himself some coaching in social etiquette. At 41 years of age it's really time for him to grow up just a little.[/quote] I completely agree. How insensitive can you be!? Whatever anyone thinks of Jade Goody, the woman is dieing from cancer and deserves a little respect. What a jackass.
  • Love the way when he holds the microphone to the audience, you can still 'her singing' as loud as ever. Seriously - could the lip-syncing have been any more blatant..?
  • Obviously she looks very glamourous a great deal of the time, but I think she is just conventionally pretty, and by no means a great beauty.
  • Obviously she was nervous - anyone would be, but all this stuff about her 'breaking down' before the show, and particularly about 'rekindling all the old feelings', is clearly nonsense. Her presentation was admittedly a little tense, but in my opinion she is clearly a very accomplished woman, who did a decent enough job considering the circumstances.
  • What an unattractive man - both in appearance, and now clearly in his opinions on what is and what isn't acceptable.
  • [quote=PR Concoction]... her signing -- it really is the worst.[/quote] And I second that.