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  • Stacy, 32, Lakeland, FL Hey girlie! No lie, I love all of you Kardashian sisters, but you are my fave because you remind me most of myself! No matter if I get picked or not HAPPY BIRTHDAY KHLOE!!!!! I do have 3 good reasons for wanting to get picked though. First, I never got to have a real 30th birthday . party. (I have been sick for a few years now, and undiganosed, plus I don't live near my friends). Second, August 2nd will be my 33rd birthday and I will be in Boston (my 4th? stay this year because I have been seeing doctors at Mass General Hospital) so my friends and boyfriend will not be with there to celebrate my birthday, but the hotel staff that I have begun to become good friends with did say they will throw me a little "party". Third, after these past few years not being able to do alot, it would be great to meet YOU, someone I feel I relate to (and it will pull me out of my bipolar slump) Oh, I've also never been to Vegas!!. Happy Birthday Khloe!!! I wish you a year of love and happiness with your friends and family and a little baby boy or girl (or both) for you and Lamar!!!!
  • Khloe, First of all, although I love all of you Kardashian sisters, you are the one I love relate to, and admire the most. You stand up for what you believe in even though you know people may make unflattering comments (the PETA ad), you are not afraid to openly talk about your different interests (serial killers and sociopaths (from Khloe after Dark, I wish I could've met Helen Morrison. If you haven't, you should read John Douglass' books, he is a former FBI profiler. I read all of those types of books), and you are very protective of your family. Also, you are open about body issues, something I have always dealt with too. My question for you is this: I know that you and Lamar are trying to have a baby. I am a 32 year old woman who has bipolar disorder among some other things, and though currently I am not in a relationship, I am hoping to find love soon and have a child. For me to do so, I would have to get off all of my medications which could lead me to spend a great deal of my pregnancy in the hospital, and also pass down the gene. However, I am willing to do so to have a child of my own. In addition, since I was about 7 or 8, I saw a program on rhe need for children to be adopted in Russia and even back then I made a decision to also adopt a baby from Russia. From all that I know about you, i have never heard that you have bipolar or any such disorder, however I know that many people who have trouble conceiving do attend support groups. I have been told that it is cruel to impose the chance of my disorder on a baby and I should only adopt or use a surrogate. As a strong woman trying to have a child, what advice would you give women in this situation? (Also, as an advocate for mental illness, if you like this topic, maybe you would have a discussion on your radio show in the future). Best of luck in your future endevours! I hope you and Lamar can celebrate a pregnancy and birth very soon. And all my love to you and your entire family, you all are so REAL and that is why I enjoy watching the show!
  • I voted but have no clue how to do a twitpic. It is posted on my twitter page though.
  • I voted but I have no idea how to do a twitpic, but it is posted on my twitter page.