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  • [quote=you]no it just means that she has an unappealing face ;D[/quote] Look at your f*cking own face! It's just a photo! You think you are funny, yeah right!!
  • hahahaha, I've got the DVD ;P
  • [quote=Guest]That's so unfair- Kristen Stewart can't even act. Twelve million dollars? That's ridiculous.[/quote] It's always the same story. People read something about famous people, and than when they read how much they make money....they are jealous, ridiculous jealous! Kristen can act! Amazing! It's amazing to see how she brings a character alive!
  • [quote=dfbdeherthyghfgh]I know! I agree with you![/quote] Yes that's so true, I agree and I prefer Emily's acting work, I think it's better than Vannessa's acting work
  • Taylor Swift! She's great and her song are beautiful
  • [quote=Vanessa]ASHLEY GREEN IS A BITCH!Don't be fooled by her role in Twilight as the nice little Alice Cullen, she is the exact opposite of her character. Ashley is a media hoe and loves to flaunt Joe Jonas and tell EVERYONE on Twitter about their "relationship" she knows Demi was hurt about what Joe Jonas did to her, she acts like nothing happened.Joe is a snake, as so is Ashley. They both are trash!! I hope they are very happy with themselves. I hate Joe and I hate Ashley. I am not even a huge fan of Demi, she's a nice girl. Joe did the same thing to Taylor Swift, anyone remember he dumped her by text? shows us how much of a man Joe Jonas is.[/quote] What will you feel when you read something on a fanpage like this: VANESSA IS A BITCH ?! When i read my name next to BITCH, i feel really bad and I think when you read your name next to Bitch , that hurts! So why do you write that about Ashley ? You don't know anything of het feelings for Joe, and his feelings for her. Love is something really strange! Once you have an realationship with someone and once that relationship ends ...But lfe goes on, so you must go fotward. And once you meet someone else, and you fall in love with that person. That's wath happend with Joe and Ashley! So I don't agree with all the persons who say that their relationship is stupid en not serious!
  • [quote=vanessa]yes Ashley looks like a bitchy type of person.[/quote] yeah, let me guess, you are jealous! So jealous! How do you know that Ashley is a bitch ? You don't know that! Are you her neighbor ? I don't think so! So Shut Up!
  • [quote=hearts]With all the dirty laudry she airs and making everyone else seem evil, I am honestly surprised no one has punched in the face yet! If I were Camilla Belle, I'd beat the living sh!t out of her after reading the lyrics to better than revenge. After all her flings she has the nerve to call someone else a whore? she needs to learn to lick her wounds and just move on from the situation.[/quote] OMG! Who do you think you are ? you don't know ? Well i will tell it to you! You are that kind of person who says things, wrong mean things..Okay it could be true you don't like T-Swift her songs but why do you listen them ? So in your own language: STOP writing mean reactions about people who you don't like !
  • [quote=nora]ENOUGH ALREADY WITH THIS B*TCH!!!!!! Are you gonna show every songle interview she's given? I know she's the twi-queenm but come on, enough of her whinny face! We know this film is gonna tank anyway![/quote] Bitch ? ho yeah that's true....i had forgotten that there were jealous people LIKE YOU! Wtf Does everybody say that! You just shut up! Get a life or something! And keep your mean reations for yourself!
  • [quote=john]I want to see her naked![/quote] Omg! go to a strip-club or something!