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  • PSH. Never mind, there is a scroll bar. My page JUST loaded it. SO in that case, LET THE BATTLE BEGIN! KTBSPA! #TeamBackstreet WE GOT THIS!
  • ANYONE coming here to vote, if you click on VOTE, under NSYNC, your vote will be cast automatically for NSYNC, there is no WAY to vote for any band other than NSYNC, maybe thats part of the "HILARITY?" WELL, i'm NOT laughing!
  • Why is there no option to who you vote for? Is this some kind of joke. If YOU think Nsync was the most worshipped and best band of the 90's then just say that. (PS THEY WERE NOT) If you REALLY do want a competition, then take down this BOGUS voting scheme you have going on and LET US CHOOSE WHO WE VOTE FOR!