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  • [img][/img] To give is to present something voluntarily and without expecting compensation. I feel like giving is one of the only words in my moms vocabulary. She gives and gives but will not take anything in return. She spends any extra money on me and my older brother, but never on herself. Sometimes I have to literally have to force her to spend money on herself which she rarely does. For someone who needs so much, it amazes me how she can have such a positive attitude and continue to put others first. As a college student it is hard for me to give back to her, but that is my lifelong goal. My mom truly deserves a bedroom makeover. She is the most amazing mother in the world, and my befriend. My mother, who works 40 hours a week, manages cooking dinner, maintains the house as best she can, and still manages to be there for me whenever I need her, is honestly my role model and best friend. I wish that I can be half the person she is when I get older. P.S. We love the Kardashians :)