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  • I'm glad we don't have to depend upon your opinion for our "glamorous looks and fashion design!"
  • Jennifer always typifies the wholesome high school girl asked out for the prom, with her touselled hair and girlish grin. Angelina, on the other hand exudes grace, worldlyness and unequaled beauty. She has the look that makes everyone in the room automatically gravitate to her when she walks in. She has a timeless beauty. And I must say that though I don't see much of a contest now, I think the could be no comparison at all if Jennifer had gone through as many childbirths as Angie has had.
  • It seems like American Idol voters can never get it right! Only a select few times, like Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood, etc. but this year goes beyond is infuriatingly laughable. Cowboy should have been gone weeks ago, and then to have JAMES go before even the top 3??????? It should have been a JAMES - LAUREN standoff...both have the whole package. James, this was a true travesty!