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  • I just want to say I love what you said. all of it. I like totally feel the same way....I mean of course there are characters I dont like,but there are also plenty that I do. I especially love charlie and Benny.
  • I get the feeling that Bob Singer is just saying what he thinks will appease all fans. the bro fans and the cas fans. Not sure I appreciate that. I'm not a cas fan,but i'm not sure I agree with the core of the show being about loners. I always thought the core of the show was about Family. We all know from the show that family doesnt end with blood ,and that blood doesnt make you family. So yeah I enjoy Benny,Garth,charlie. I miss Bobby,Ellen,Jo,and sheriff mills. They were family. I think the writers made a bad choice when they killed the road house. These were characters that added to the show. their own hunting and supernatural experience. their past knowledge of the boys family. Hell Bobby was an excellent character that brought other hunters into the mix. I think the writers need to consider bringing back more of a hunting community. Maybe their grandpa will show them a better way to hunt that doesnt mean being loners. I could do without amelia though. I love the actress,and the character does great with sam,but to me she will always be a reminder that sam didnt look for dean. Thanks to the writers wanting to "EXPLORE" that horrible idea. But yeah...I'm a bro fan,but I dont see them as loners. At times they are ,but they dont have to be...the story is still their story,but that doesnt mean other characters cant be a part of it.