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  • no boobs no butt no hip to waist ratio...
  • none of them are fat....seriously being healthy is not fat....all of them are smaller than the average woman in tis country!And they are all very pretty and marketing genius IS a talent ...btw....Marylin Monroe was a siz 16....
  • also,most real women have fat dimples scars pigment abnormalaties,flaws.just because she has those doesn't automatically imply implants.....alot of women have breakouts on their butt...marks could also be from that..I think aside from the too big boobjob she looks like a woman is supposed to look......soft curvy jiggly ;p
  • I'm white,38 and I still have a butt like this so for the person who said white girls don't have naturally thick round butts,I beg to differ ;)maybe not often,but we're out here
  • boobs too big,um yeah shave if you're going in public in front of cameras.