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  • The only one who smokes is Robert.........
  • Easy, he's pretty sweet!! Love you Taylor!!
  • Haha, I love his hair! He seems to get nervous very easily.. I was watching an Interview on Much Music, and Kristen, Taylor and the girls who play Rosalie and Alice were there too, and he was so fidgety! Like he would not stop touching himself.
  • she is so pretty! i would kill to have her hair.
  • "I said that in some interview," Pattinson broods, "as a joke—'Oh, I proposed to her multiple times.' And then it gets printed: 'On the set, he proposed to her multiple times." Hahah, ohh man that hass to be the funniest thing i have seen all day!! robert, yoooou rock!! : )
  • I feel that I am one of the biggest Twilight fans besides the many people who have left comments on here. First and foremost, I was shopping in Wal-Mart one day, where i seen the first book - Twilight sitting on the shelf. I read the back and as soon as that i was hooked. I was with my Grandma, who also is a Twilight fan, just not as much as I am. So i pretty much begged my grandma to buy the rest of the series that day. Later, i came home it was a Saturday. I started Twilight, and litterally about 2 hours later, I was already starting new moon. At about 4:00 am, i was reading Eclipse. I got pretty mad, at this point because Breaking Dawn hadn't came out yet. But it came out 3 days later, and as soon as i got it i began reading it. 4 hours later, i finished. As well as reading the books this fast, I introduced the books to my mom, as well as some of my close friends. I bought all sorts of twilight stuff like sweat shirts t shirts and i own every poster that Wal-Mart has on sale. I think that if you have a whole bunch of twilight stuff, doesn't mean that your the "#1" fan. You cannot prove that your the biggest fan. I think that if inside yourself, you feel that your truly are the biggest fan, that should be enough. After reading Stephenie's books, i desperately wanted to be a vampire.. i am sure that all the other readers do asswell. But, she wrote it so well that even her readers wanted to be vampires.