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  • This is considered fantastic shape? Glad to know I could pitch diet pills. I'm about identical to her from the back and I won't even wear shorts or a sleeveless shirt out of the house!
  • Bombshell? Seriously? This is a very unattractive girl with a bad boob job and 1994 alterna-chick haircut who has made herself into a human whiteboard. This is the kind of girl who you would expect to see on the cover of Juggs magazine, i.e. even Hustler said no thanks...
  • Tens of thousands of dollars of surgery and the result is that she looks like some junkie street whore posing for a perv to pay for her next fix. But at least the completely vacuous expression matches what's going on inside her skull. Seriously, did the surgeon cut some nerves in her face or is she just still on heavy pain meds?