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  • Hi Jada & Will, I am a 44yr. old , Co-Owner of a Meat Wholesale Company. I am also the Treasurer & Certified Food Safety Manager & to get this high up in ** MANLAND!**, that is what I call my Industry is huge, I only know of ; 2 other woman as high up in ** MANLAND ** , it is still a boy's club. I write this because I know you know what it is like to be a Woman , a Smart-One & I think you are like me , take any Crap !! To top it off , I am a Blonde (REAL) Blue Eyed Woman, make's it a little tougher , but my Dad taught me alot , along with my Mom. JADA, You are in the GROUP of WOMAN , that when they realize that we are not only GoodLooking but have a BRAIN & USE IT , that is when all the hater's come out. I have been Married , going on 19yrs. this Oct.2012 I AM A CANCER SURVIVOR, FOUND OUT ALMOST TO THE EXACT DATE OF OUR FIRST ANNIVERSARY, AND AFTER 8-1/2 YEAR'S OF EVASIVE & PAINFUL PROCEDURE'S I ENDED UP HAVING A COMPLETE HYSTRO. AT THE AGE OF 35 ! I AM A PROUD TO SAY I AM GOING ON 9yrs. CANCER FREE, BUT EVERY 3yrs. I AM STILL NERVOUS. I DO NOT KNOW HOW ALL OF YOU DO IT , WITH EVERYTHING YOU DO OR DO NOT DO IS ALWAYS' IN THE PAPER. JUST STAY AS STRONG AS YOU ARE , THEY ARE ALL A BUNCH OF HATER'S!!! WHEN IT COME'S TO BEING A STRONG WOMAN, EVERYONE DECIDE'S THAT WE ARE EITHER THE B-WORD OR SOMEONE IS HELPING US. WE SCARE THEM THAT WE ARE SMART & POWERFUL AND CAN ACTUALLY DO SOMETHING ON OUR OWN. GOOD LUCK TO BOTH OF YOU!!! SWEDE1 EastCoast
  • I have to say this has nothing to due to the fact that it was kim kardashian, it is the fact that , when I was in a Bicyclist Race, I am a Female a group of men in a car said I looked like I was Hot, and threw what they said was water at me, I did everything to get out of the way of it , how do I know it was just water, I did get some of it on me, and Thankfully it was just water, what if it was Acid , you just never know. That is assault & battery, assault is the threat , battery is the action of throwing it. I belong to the United Human Society , Best Friend's for Animal's. But for now PETA is off my list, I don't like thing's thrown at people , PETA ever go to new york with the housewifesofny, you say when they LEATHER & FUR - they are are still a proud to be a member of PETA, that make's no sense at all , go after that person. And stop throwing thing's at people . THAT IS JUST SO WRONG, YOUR STATEMENT, DOES NOT DRAW PEOPLE TO YOUR CAUSE, IT AGGRAVATE'S SOME OF US - IF YOU DON'T WANT TO HURT ANIMAL'S , STOP ABUSING HUMAN'S , ANY OF THEM , IN THE SPOTLIGHT & OUT OF IT !! BAD MOVE PETA , NO MATTER WHO YOU DID IT TOO I WOULD WRITE THIS!!
  • Kourtney, First off ; ** CONGRADULATION'S ON YOUR NEW BABY ON THE WAY !! :) ** I cannot have children due to Cancer, I am only 44yrs.old I am a Co-Owner of a Business . I have to say , you do show people that when you have a child it is not longer me, me, me, it is ALL ABOUT THEM!!!!! I truly never hear it from alot of people from your family , I think you are a ** Great Mom !! ** , and you show how it is not easy to juggle everything. It is no longer you it goes; New Baby, Mason & if you are LUCKY , VERY LUCKY then it is you & Scott. Good Luck when Mason see's the new baby, I remember when my older brother's 1st.son saw the Baby, & my brother said " Are you excited , he is coming home tomorrow with us?", My brother was shocked by his response, because he thought he had really prepared him, I said he is only 3yrs.old he does not really understand it all, but it was so funny !! His answer was; No Daddy, No He patted the Babie's Head & said " He Stay Here, He No Home!! " , I don't think I ever laughed so hard , not so much by what he said it was my Older Brother's Face. I still hear nephew who now is turning 16 on 4/7/12 & I it still make's me laugh when I think of my Older Brother's Face!!! Way too Funny!! Then he looked at all of us for help , and I had to leave the room I was laughing too hard, it was the look of fear. Like now I have a Newborn & 3yr.old & it had all just hit him !!! ps, I would like to hear more praise's for you & Khloe all I ever hear ( not a hater at all ) from your mom is Kim, I think your mom is a great worker & is accomplishing alot, but I think you & Khloe do alot of the Grunt Work - that's what I call it at my Company , but I just don't think you two get the praise you both deserve. AGAIN IN NO WAY A HATER - I THINK YOUR MOM IS GREAT & WORK'S HARD, BUT I WOULD LIKE MORE PRAISE & SEEING MORE OF YOU & KHLOE, YOU TWO ARE THE BACKBONE OF YOUR STORE'S. YOU TWO WORK AT THE STORE'S IF YOU HAVE TO, AND I DO ALSO , IT HAS TO BE DONE, LIKE THEY SAY ; IT IS , WHAT IT IS!!! AGAIN ; *** CONGRADULATION'S TO YOU & SCOTT**, I WISH YOU A HAPPY & HEALTHY BABY!!!