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  • Last year on new years day my dad lost his battle to cancer. Him and my mum had been together for 37 years and never spent a day apart. She put on such a strong face for me and her other 3 kids but we knew how much she was hurting. Then to make matters worse, 4 weeks before christmas, in the same year, my big sister lost her battle to an alcohol addiction, leaving her 2 sons behind. My mum tried to help her with her problems, even getting her into rehab, but it didn't work. Since then, she has never slept in her bedroom, to avoid any bad memories. The family dog spends more time on the bed than her!! I'd love to be able to treat her to a brand new bedroom, so she can finally have a good night sleep (she suffers from arthritis and a sofa certainly isn't helping her). And her birthday is on the 15th of May so it would be the perfect birthday present (: