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  • P.S. Adrienne is the one who owes Lisa an apology she was pretty nasty on that Reunion I am glad Lisa won't roll over :-)
  • Alex, Love your recaps especially because Bravo seems to think the viewers are not that quick on the uptake. You however fill in the blanks and what we viewers know is bull you validate what we see in the edited timelines and the S**t-stirring talking heads, I am not a fan of those never have been. Why I continue to watch these shows , hmm I haven't figured that out yet, in my own defense I do record them all and there is a lot I fast forward through . Traylor is Fake has been since the day the show started, plenty of timelines and hyprocritical statements from that one on line by herself and some very good online sleuths, that should have gotten her booted had Bravo not pretended to have a heart and keep on the "grieving widow" ugh. I hope she gets called out more by Brandi and Yolanda actually by all of them, that woman is vile, so yes you were Spot on calling her fake. If its not about her than she is not having it. In my opinion none of last years footage of her and Russell should have ever been shown and she should have tried to be graceful and go off , get a job and raise her daughter.Okay I'll stop there I could rant for a bit on that one. By the way never wanted you off of NY, Jill yes and the Countess should have been shown the door with your Herman Munster shoes along time Love your recaps keep doing them !