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  • Okay first of all you people that support Kristen, wake up and smell the coffee. That girl could care less about you guys she don't even like her fans, the only reason she has anyhting to with you guys is because she has to do it. I do think Rob cares about his fans but I saw a video the other day with him and now that he's been around her he's starting to act the same way I hope he don't take up her bad habits. This girl thinks she's the best thing since sliced bread. she's just a baby still pooping yellow. After these twilight movies are done she'll wish she had fans.Oh Yea and Kristen do me a favor tell your Dad to please cut that stuff that he calls hair. People really this girl can't stand her fans don't be stupied I think it's so funny where she fell. She was trying to be cool about it because she knew Rob was right behide lol.
  • [quote=Tiziana]heheh..they are so cool...even the way kristen trips is cool..she's one of the few real persons in hollywood and rob looks always relax as he is....this match creates the best couple..hope they are happy together:D[/quote] She's trying to act cool cause she knows Rob is behide her. She's stupied and I don't like her and I don't like the way she treats her fans.
  • [quote=meli82]WOWOWOWO u really know y stuff right maybe u should write a book to help the rest of us in our gay raydar because Robsten has really fooled us (sarcastic eye roll). Get a chia pet and wach it grow!!![/quote] Finally somebody that knows what there talking about.....Thank You
  • Sounds like you need to find a mate. That's just sick. You need to get a life.
  • Rob please wake up and smell the coffee!!!!!!!!! Kristen is so ugly and untalened if it wasn't for you carrying her in the twilight movies she would be nobody. everybody just wants to get to her because of you. she's a 20yr old little girl who knows nothing but thinks she know everything. I know she trys to boss you around and give you advice but how can she she's still sh*tten yellow. I'm telling you mark my words this will not last she's nobody without you can't you see that? do you really think the crowds want to see her NO! they want to see you. your the true super star she's just your coat rider. Your gonna wake up one day and say what the hell am I doing? never heard of her til she started hanging with you. I know why you drink alot you have too to put up with you gonna find somebody one day that deserves you and all your goodness until then Good Luck with the baby Kristen.......
  • This so stupied do they really think they need the police? if it was just Kristen she wouldn't have to worry cause they want to see Rob. if they don't like the hipe then move on and choose another job. she so stupied and acts like she needs help I think she's the one that needs to be put away not Rob. I think he would be better off without her. I just can't stand that girl she thinks she's all that but she's not. she was such a ugly little girl and she still is and her acting sucks..........wake up Rob and find somebody that is worthy of you.
  • If it was just her in those twilight saga movies without him nobody would even go see them, so don't think it's you Kristen because it's not your just ridding his coat tail.......
  • I think That this little love spell will soon be over and I'll be glad when it is. She's a punk who bosses him around and he could do so much better. she looks like a punk who thinks her sh*t don't stink and I'll say it again he could do better and he will he's too talented and smart for she still sh*tten yellow she's only 20. Robert needs a more muture women wake up robbie and don't let her push you around..... your are going to be a much bigger star then her all of her movies stink
  • I did not know any of theam till the twilight movies.....people are people and that is you guys just get over it........if they are dating who cares you would not like it if some people took pics of you on your 1st date..........anyway just get over it
  • [quote=gorgeouskate]yeah, i noticed that too... the first time i saw her wearing that ring...[/quote] first of all i bet that was not given to her by rob.........that was probrabily given to her for a christmas present or somthing