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  • You sound like you've got a major issues with her. I can only assume you know her personally. I don't know where you're getting your information from but you act like a rat crawled up your ass. I wouldn't take anything you read or hear about too seriously unless it's an excuse to bash her because you hate her alot. Go take a cold shower and cool. P.S. I hope you have proof of your accusations.
  • Where are you getting your information that she doesn't work hard? Do a little research before you make stupid accusations like that. She a very hard working young lady that works up to 18 hrs a day. Her days are always full of things she has to do. Besides acting and singing she has other businesses she has to attend to. She gets up everyday around 5 am and goes home around 9 or 10 pm. It hasn't been a cake walk for her. She didn't get where she's at by just looking pretty.
  • Are we suppose to take at your word when you don't give us any actual facts about what she did to your friend? For all we know you're just a disgruntled Selena hater. Give us proof of what happened not just put up your comment and disgrace her.
  • I don't who you are or care to know. You're at the wrong place to vent your anger at her. Have you met or know her personally? I don't think so or else you wouldn't be here.Sounds as if you've got personal issues.You need help desperately. You need to see a psychiatrist to resolve your issues not here where her fans are at. Please seek help ASAP!