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  • Sharon Stone is a talented, intelligent, generous and yes, stunningly beautiful woman. At any age. At any time. The sparkle in her eyes and her confident smile say it all. Sadly, most of you do not know how to "read." Deaf ears, closed minds, stupid drivel from a collective of (mostly) the saddest example of why this nation is swirling down the toilet of self-driven superficial self-imposed retardation. I regret having come to this site and read your nasty remarks. Good to those who did not participate in this Modern Day American Stoning!
  • And I think my little white Jack Russell here's a puppydog...lol...have fun Noah, and as they say...if you can't be good, be good at it!
  • Brunette! Brunette!! Brunetta Carissima Katy!!!!!! Certo, Leo, un' bionda non e! You're cuter as a Brunette Katy...
  • Absolutely, Kisses, the dress is Katy.
  • Kingston is a great name. Strong. Elegant. Zuma? Exotic and spirited, a bit edgy, like her mom. Not so crazy...
  • oops,Worse than Moon Unit after all. Sorry Moon. You've fallen to #2. Pilot Inspektor is the clear winner !
  • Coco is a lovely name.(i.e.Coco Chanel, yes?) Courteney and her daughter Coco. I agree with Anna. Why is Coco a crazy celebrity baby name? Moon Unit Zappa still tops my list!