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  • Klhoe stick by your man girl...I'm 41y/o single mother and if I could have a man who loved me for me I wouldn't be single. Even if this is not what Lamar is going thru, he needs you just because of the publicity. You have always been supportive of his decision it seems so stay that way and lock out everything not worthy of your marriage. Your my favorite Kdoll...Love you GOD bless and well wishes...
  • Klhoe, can I just say that I hate that your family business is all over the network and internet. As much as you an Lami love each other, I say that stick by your man you do it well. When you didn't want to continue your show "K & L" for privacy within your marriage it was the best idea yet. You and Lami are human, there is nothing restricted from how you live, what if any of these stories are true or not that's your husband and it was for better of worse and if this is worse you still are bound to be there within the marriage, no one shouls dictate your actions, neither family, friends or foes. This is when he needs you most, same as if you where in situation you would need him. A marriage is never suppose to be a business it's suppose to be no one's business but yours. You guys are made for each other and through thick and thin, your his rib and he's your armor