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  • Congrats to the K-J clan for adding another star to their show--I mean another member to their family! However, I'm a bit worried that, as Khloe stated, "the family is literally exploding with excitement!" That sounds dangerous and like they should all seek medical help, or at least some pepto!
  • This is a hot mess. While it's head-shaking-worthy to see a pregnant woman pushing a stroller full of beer, I'm actually more peeved at seeing yet another person misuse a jogging stroller! It's used for jogging! The least she could have make a beer run, instead of a beer walk! But seriously, did we expect anything else from Snooki and MTV. Of course they sent HER to get the booze. It's scandalous. Otherwise, it would just be another boring beer run, not worthy of press. Duh!