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  • I love taking my little brother, who's 4, out to the beach with Mum where we watch the fireworks. We take a picnic blanket and some food. He always get amazed by the display and it just makes me so happy to see him so excited. My fondest tradition :)
  • I would wear this to my Mum's wedding next month. We'll be in New Zealand for a joint 21st celebration and the wedding where we'll be staying with my grandparents, the dress looks perfect! P.S- I follow you on Twitter and like you on Facebook :)
  • I am completely in love with both of those, so gorgeous! I would personally love to wear the crimson one to my brother's 21st celebration. We're going away with the family to New Zealand for a week to stay with my Grandparents and I think it would be perfect for walking down the pretty beaches there or just going for shopping. Or even to a restaurant for dinner. Anywhere :) and I do follow you on Twitter.