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  • Seriously all of you who called bananas2 "ugly" is fucked up. You're just using that excuse 'cus she put her picture up. I admit shes brave so I respect her. Unlike all you little losers whose fucking defending a celebrity (of course) 'cause you're all fake. (to whoever hating on bananas2) See if she was looking like Miley, I bet half of you wouldn't even BE saying what you said. So CHECK YOURSELF haters before you say shit. and POST A PICTURE OF YOURSELF THEN SAY SHIT.
  • LOL She's wearing a white and black converse!! :) So amazing<3 Love her!
  • An insecure, boring, school girl? How the fuck can you judge her just by looking at her pictures? Obviously you're a fricking hater 'cause EVERY other motherf*cking celebrity out there has make-up and is all "glammed-up". What I'm saying is YOU don't see right through SHIT, bitch!