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  • Teresa, you make me ashamed to also be named Teresa. You have absolutely no true idea what family is. You are the one destroying your family. Your husband is helping, make no mistake. But ultimately, you are the one that is swinging the hammer. You have eithe changed or it was all a lie from the beginning. But I can tell you that I now question rather or not I you are what I thought you were, Your brother and your sister inlaw and cousin appear to be very nice people. you on the other hand are just looking for a camera.
  • I like Kim. She is very misguided about what is really important in life, but she sure isn't evil nore does she appear to be trying to be something that she isn't. And if she is, well... that is her problelm, not ours. Her daughters are very lovely and you should be ashamed to have even made such a statement as these children are not anywhere near overweight in any way shape or form. I know this is a place for opinions, but the opinion it was asking for was about her dress, not her children. So with that. I have looked at your photo for all of 3 seconds and I don't like it and i am sure that I never will. Do you feel better now?