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  • okay,first of all sheethead you have been commenting very weird and rude on everyphoto so stfu...she's very pretty but her attitude makes everyone think she's ugly
  • at least her boobs aren't fake,and then when other ppl have fake boobs everyone wants to criticize,god gave her that body so show some respect
  • [quote=Sheethead]I'd love to see her in aschool girl outfit. That way I could knock her out with ether, throw her in my trunk and take her out in the woods and sodomize her. Damn that would turn me on, so much that now I have to fist my meat to her photo.[/quote] ew,you freak
  • well,she could wear whatever she wants its her life and nobody's perfect
  • eeeeeeeewwwwww -_-,is that suppose to be a body wtf,
  • [quote=Jennifer]She is too young to have an ass that saggy. And she has stretch marks and cellulite on her ass too. Maybe she should reconsider the bikini and go for a wet suit or shorts.[/quote] most NORMAL women have strech marks
  • [quote=mo1988] honey. if i looked like that i would ask coast guard 2 throw me out in the middle of the ocean and use me a floatation device for search and rescue[/quote] LMAO hahaha ^_^ funny one,good one
  • i think all you people need to stop bashing because if its a women with curves everyone want to complain that she has to many curves and then other people want to complain about other people calling her ugly because of her curves but when a women has no curves everyone wants to bash on her,everyone has there own body and it comes in different shapes so just get over it.
  • people need to stop being so cruel everyone has a unique different face and yeahh she needs yo eat a little but you people are just jealous she's famous
  • and that little thirteen year old girl doesn't know the least thing about being a teenager she still a little girl