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  • Dear God, she's only 16. What is it with people thinking that if you shove a pregnant teenager down the aisle and send them off to live alone with their equally irresponsible significant other, things will automatically be set right? The way i see it all you have then is a pregnant teenager who isn't ready to be a parent, in a marriage she doesn't have the maturity to deal with, living alone in a time of her life where, pregnant or not, she should still have her parents around to set boundaries, ground her when she needs it and just raise her. She's a child, being pregnant doesn't change that.
  • He's using his girlfriend's car. Wow that is big news. Next thing you know he's gonna wanna move in with her and get married...crazy kids.
  • "they're smart and know how to work the media-- we're all playing into their game by even commenting on the pic" Wost part is, you're right. Their entire career is based on attracting the attention of the general public through the media. Wether we're cheering them on or trashing them, as long as people are paying attention they're gonna keep cashing in on it.
  • If she's not doing anything illegal or immoral, and she's not hurting herself or others, then exactly what is she doing that is so wrong? People see a couple of pictures of her dancing at a party and automatically assume that she's an irresponsable mother, because that one particular night she decided to go out with her husband instead of staying at home. People assume alot, maybe they shouldn't be so quick to judge, specially when they don't actually know the person or all the facts on how she raises her kid and manages her personal life.
  • I'll be more than happy to support either of them the moment they decide to do anything significant or worthy of the attention they've been receiving. As it is i haven't seen one shred of talent from them, in any area, so i suppose i'll stick to comfortably ignoring their existance and changing the channel whenever they come up.
  • It kills me that some people still cling on to this antiquated idea that a woman's place is at home taking care of her husband and her kids. It's about time we learned to accept that yes, a woman can have a carreer, a social life and a family all at once. If she can manage all three, then why shouldn't she? Being a mother and a wife doesn't make you any less of an individual human being. The way i see it Christina is just enjoying life in every aspect and there's nothing wrong with that.
  • John Mayer manages to date pretty much every famous hot chick out there and still come out looking like an all around nice guy. I don't find him particularly attractive but he's definitely got some talent there.
  • The man is trying to sell a sex tape of his ex-girlfriend. Could one stoop any lower? I wouldn't be susprised if this whole knife threat story was nothing but BS to popularize himself and the video he's trying to sell to the highest bidder. As far as i'm concerned this guy has no credibility. Go take advantage of some other emotionally vulnarable chick and stop trying to whore yourself out on the media.
  • Ouch for Mario. But hey, i've seen worse, at least he didn't find out they were broken up through the media (aham poor Minnie).