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  • Ramona had EVERY right to toss Avivas Father out of her fashion show! It was a VERY classless act on her part! Ramona has always been the one whom I thought was totally insane and so into her self, but now Aviva has taken that title as far as I am concerned! LOVE LOVE LOVE Heather ~ She doesn't take ANY crap and Carole is just adorable! I really liked Aviva at first, but now I just want her to STFU and I am sooooo tired of her Phobias!!! I totally agree with Ramona, her main phobia is she can NOT be without Reed~ And thats fine but she should own it and stop going on and on and on about all these other things she is afraid of! OWN YOUR STUFF, AVIVA!!!! And even though I don't care for Ramona at all, I do love Sonjia and her calling them "White Trash" is HER being totally classless!!!!! Never thought I'd say this, but I am team Ramona all the way on this one!!!