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  • She did not lighten her hair....different lighting when pictures were taken. All this hatred toward Kristen is disgusting...Ruperd seduced her.....her director/boss has been boasting about her since before they even started snow white....he didn't talk about the rest of the cast the way he did her. This 41 year old married with kids has been wanting get Kristen for awhile. So frigging obvious...I feel bad for her because I truly feel she was in a situation she really did not know how to get out of. Read up on what seduction is and the writing is on the wall. And with Rob leaving so quick...sure looks like he was wanting to do that anyway. No Breaking Dawn 2 movie for me...too many attacks on Kristen....just depressing to even hear the words... Twilight saga. I'll read the book again. I will continue to see her other movies as I always have since she was a child. Ruperd is a dirty old man who had a mission but he don't seem to get attacked like Kristen. Typical!