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  • what a dirtbag. Typical Trump arrogance. Just how small is his equipment, anyway, that he has to go hunting in Africa?
  • please please please stop giving any space to kate gosselin. I don't care what she wears. I wish she would just get a real job, get out of our faces and take decent care of her children.
  • Know what? If Bristol Palin and her family were GOOD people, there wouldn't be all the sarcasm and hate. The reap what they sow. They excuse hating people who don't think their way by saying they are Christians and have the gall to presume they know how God might think. They're WRONG. Real Christians don't call people nasty names. Real Christians live modestly and use what bounty — or little — they have to help the poor. And believe me, real Christians don't do a lot of things they have to be forgiven for. Real Christians live their lives with kindness. And the children of REAL CHRISTIANS would never have even HEARD the word fa,,ot as a TODDLER. The Palins are users who have perverted Christianity so they can use it to hate and condemn. It was great to see the Palins and the Neo Nazis all supporting Chick-fil-A that day. And like the Neo Nazis, I don't think the Palins will be forgiven come Judgment Day.
  • Let's be fair here. Older, more experienced women have been taken advantage of by film directors on set just as Kristen was taken advantage of. This director is a predator who set his sights on the most vulnerable member of the cast — while HIS WIFE WAS WORKING ON THE SAME MOVIE. Sure, she made a mistake, but she's ONLY 22. I'm sure she loves Robert Pattinson, but when a mentor-type sets out to seduce you, it's hard to resist. I know from experience. Now she probably feels like a complete fool, and everyone's blaming her. NOBODY'S BLAMING THE PREDATOR. Get real, folks. And give Kristen Stewart a break.