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  • well, there are alot of parts i look forward too to see but my top would have to be the cornucopia scene with katniss peeta and cato! i really want to see how gary ross directed this movie and how realistic the mutts will seem! i also really want to see the tracker jacker scene that will be intense with all the swaying of katniss and how peeta saves her life(spoiler alert) also when rue dies :'( one thing i noticed a while ago is that they did not cast magde, in my opinion i think she is one of the most important character in the book she gives katniss the mockingjay pin witch helps her win and also reminds her that she promised prim she would win and come back, to be honest i am a little upset from that but i will still enjoy the movie!! If i win it will mean the world to me and i could not ask for anything more im really excited to see the books come to life! i have read the books millions of time and i love suzanne collins work and i would just die to win those tickets! the excitement of the cast, the fact that gary ross is directing, soundtrack anything if i were to win it would lift the load off my back of not being able to go to the midnight premire it would just mean the world Happy Hunger Games and May the Odds be ever in your favor!!! ~Effie Trinket