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  • "Send a message"? Where the heck did the judge say that? Instead, the judge states she's guilty. That's why she deserves to go to jail.
  • Yeah, they threatened her life but it's interesting that she has no desire to go to the police. Instead, she decides to post comments to twitter about people who threatened her life and safety. Sounds like Kardashian is blowing more smoke to keep the family name alive, her her in the news, and keep her name alive so people will buy the products she endorses. You don't want papparazzi in your life? Then don't constantly promote yourself on twitter via comments about yourself and products you endorse and post pictures of yourself, don't have your wedding filmed for TV, don't make a porn flic, don't have a lame reality show, basically pull yourself out of the spotlight you've created and continue to perpetuate. I don't feel sorry for her and have a hard time believing her.
  • Great, what the world needs more of...useless news and images of another Jenner.