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  • [quote=Keni]There wouldn't be anything wrong with these pictures if Miley would stop pretending she's so good. She's all "oh, I'm Christian blah blah blah" and she may be Christian but from the many pictures she has taken, her morals are obviously elsewhere. These pictures may not be unusual for most 16 year old girls but she's such a fake. Anyone can say they're a Christian and I know many girls who say that and go off and have sex with every guy in school. I'm not saying these pics are bad at all but she needs to stop pretending like she's some completely devoted Christian. Those pictures of herself in her underwear say otherwise.[/quote] What dont you guys like you shut the Hell up....... if you want to talk trash... do it on me because i care about miley and will always defend miley
  • [quote=Rooooooonallllllllddddweasslleeyy]Whoa it must be true!! she is a true saaluutttbag who sold out on controlled-commercial f*cked up pop music. :) its so f*cking clear now it's blinding, listen to that shiz it was timeless[/quote] Hey she isnt a slut..... for crying out loud leave her alone
  • [quote=Madison]Such a class act..That's why my children do not watch her programs.[/quote] Hey...... it was a DAMN ICE CREAM POLE for crying out loud...... i think you are a b****
  • I love u miley.....
  • Shut up you guys and give miley a break....... jesus christ......... you want to spread rumors, spread them about me INSTEAD! im taking the heat of miley because i like her and i will always defend miley. so shut the F up guys.
  • [quote=noah]Miley isn't homophobic, she has a gay brother. Duh.[/quote] want dont you leave her brother alone.... he is not guy....... you are gay...
  • You know what, gys....... I know for a fact that someone messed with mileys video because miley wouldnt say that........ whoever is messing up miley videos, STOP IT or else.... i liike miley a lot and will defend her.
  • Miley and Mandy's video was great..... And..... they were not annoying..... they were incredibly outstanding......