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  • you bastards need to leave Kelly alone she's hormonal from her pregnancy and besides that is right women in the entertainment industry don't get to gain even a sliver of weight without criticism from the press/public which it was like that even nearly 18 years ago when Melissa Newman gave birth to her oldest son Peter which while pregnant she later admitted to gaining 55lbs which is pretty common for a first time expecting mother granted living next door to her parents helped in that because her mom loved to cook and out fashion southern cooking her mom is a native of Georgia & South Carolina contributed to that not that it was shocking women in her family tended to gain a lot of weight while pregnant but also produce larger than average babies at that time the average full term newborn weighed 7lbs 7oz while Peter weighed 8
  • what if Simon's son wants nothing to do with the entertainment industry and ends up being a teacher or a pilot as for example Ben Clark is an American airlines pilot going a complete 180 from his long theatrical heritage correct he's Lynn Redgrave's son and the Redgrave family goes back 175 years in the theatrical professions including one academy award winner his aunt Vanessa or two if you count her ex husband Tony Richardson and two other nominees as In his grandfather sir Michael and his mother Lynn
  • a mothers instinct is usually spot on when it comes to predicting the gender of her baby. I hope Kelly is blessed with an M/S free pregnancy and easy delivery when the time comes next spring. can't wait to see if her prediction is correct though gender doesn't matter as long as mama Kelly and baby are healthy
  • what he's being called a troublemaker for protecting his wife who just came home from the hospital after giving birth to their daughter. If the tabloids had sent paparazzi to do that to Melissa Newman after either of her sons were born her parents would've sued for breach of privacy. Just because Alec is a huge star doesn't give the Paparazzi the right to invade his privacy on off time back in the day the lines between public domain and private life weren't as blurred as they are now Alec is one year older than Melissa's elder biological sister Eleanor who was born in New York because their dad Paul was on Broadway at the time in a play and they didn't get harassed by photographers when they took Nell home from the hospital 5 days after she was born
  • stop feeding this little red necks ego she can barely sing and has never been a huge album seller
  • does that do nothing kid realize there's a cancer ward in that hospital named after Frank Sinatra who used to do stuff like this all the time without calling the press but because it's the right thing to do
  • of course it's difficult at the beginning but it does get easier after a while and has so many benefits for both mother and baby. JLH should keep her trap shut if it doesn't work she can always hire a wet nurse
  • so what the baby might share a birthday with his/her step grandmother big deal LAURETTE Hayden's birthday is two weeks after her mothers. correct LAUREETTE'S mum Eva Marie Saint was born July 4th 1924 and LAURETTE was born July 19th 1958 something like a month passed due
  • there's nothing strange about being comfortable with your body which these women obviously are. it's like appearing naked in a movie or music video which for example Mariah Carey did in the Honey Video changing from the flesh colored bikini to the white mini skirt and crop top and then to the wet suit for the jet ski chase or another example would be having to appear on screen in a string bikini like Joanne Woodward did for the beach scenes in the race car flick WUSA which was filmed in 1969 so she was 39 with three daughters under age 12 correct Nell her oldest was 10 at the time Melissa her middle was 8 and Claire the youngest was 4 years old. but it wasn't traumatic for them because it was their father she was frolicking with in those scenes. stop being hung up on the female body