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  • If Faye wants facetime - she should use her iPad - what a crock that was - it's like well I'll be there so let me make sure I get my share of camera time... now on the other hand - did Brandi deserve to get called out - Absolutely - I just wish Kim was there as well to be called on her 'decision' to start shit at her sisters affair - a sister she's obviously jealous of and wants to tarnish in the first place - Kyle... it may be time to cut your losses... Now it seems that Adrienne is simply Brandi's flavour of the month and that's just what she's gonna be - Brandi sure changed her tune from saying what she said (which I'd like to know by the way) and defending what she said to 'I regret what I said..." coughcoughbullshitcoughcough... what a crock. Brandi is 'one of those' and that's all she'll ever be...