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  • that's good, wouldnt be the same without her, just hope they could bring back skeet ulrich but he played kill in 1 and is dead so no skeet
  • congrats. but i have a feeling here come lil buffy comments somewhere. anyways congrats
  • this will be interesting to see, i love cam and will watch anything with him in it. i must say that christina has an amazing leading man.
  • u know this is a little doggy and a pet, sometimes a pet is all a person has. dont laugh or make fun of jessica s. b/c of this. i have coyotes and wolves and foxes all around where i live and a family member years back had a dog killed by a coyote. this ISNT FUNNY, IT'S A LITTLE ANIMAL. i wish jessica the best, but i think that her little dog isnt alive and i'm sorry, i would go crrazy if anything happened to my lil pet
  • hey camlover, i happy you are a CAM LOVER and support cam, but dom is great, him and his family know that cam can take care of everleigh without being involved with dominique, cam wouldn't be with her if he didnt want to be, he and dom have dated for since before his acting started cam and dom have no drama within their family and their lives. cam's dad said he thinks that they will get married but there are not plans for them to marry this year.
  • ok i'm PISSED cam gigandet isn't going to be typecasted, he has tons of movie in which his roles are unlike the others. he doesnt need to worry about being typecasted, b/c really those so called "vampires" in twilight were not vampires, this movie will be TRUE vampires nothing the same at all. Cam gigandet has lots of movies that are not like the others, plus how many vamp roles are there really going to be. nothing about his role in priest is like his role in twilight. Twilight is nothing about vampires, steph m. may have called them vampire but she screwed the vamp all up, i loved cam's role in twilight and he did an amazing job, but damn this is a TRUE vampire movie, nothing typecasted about this. and theultimatewarrior, WTF?
  • [quote=theultimatewarrior]YOU and ME triplehgirl... CAGE MATCH.... bring it![/quote] what the hell are you talking about man
  • cam wont be typecasted as vamp, cam has lots of movies coming up in which has nothing to be with vamps. i cant wait to see cam's new movies, i will watch anything with cam in it. pandorum, five star day, kerosene cowboys, the roommate, easy a, the experiment, priest, ect. cam is keeping himself busy. and it will be GREAT to see real vampires and not the ones you get in twilight.
  • love that cam is trying new and diff types of roles, i will be seeing this, i will see anything with Cam Gigandet in it. and nice cast.