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  • She wanted the sentence Bc she said she needed this to save her life. An addiction is a horrible thing and she should be respected for admitting she was powerless and needed help.
  • I fully agree that this is sick because the sick B*TCH should not be making money or gaining fame off of killing her daughter. The jurors were a bunch of idiots because anybody can see that she is so guilty. Why else would she have lied that many times. Seriously I cant believe that actress says she had it hard.what about the toddler whose life she robbed from her?. I for one will be boycotting this film because at least I know she will not be making anything off of me.
  • Okay who cares if it is or is not true. Seriously his life is his business not ours to judge. If it is not true he does a test and proves her wrong.......................than she looks like a celeb stalking psycho. Besides people its HOLLYWOOD how do we know this isnt a publicity stunt brought out to have his name further stuck in peoples minds. Coincidence that this came out during the time his album is? But like I said who cares. If he has a kid so what who are we to judge. If its not true she looks like an idiot. Which she sort of already does in some of the pics Lol:).
  • I actually love ALL the K-Dash clothes and accessories because they look Classy while still having some Sex Appeal. They promote Confidence in Women by Making them feel good About themselves. Something that is much sought After These days. I Would appreciate any K-DasH item:). The Maroon top from the Picture is extremely cute:). Love them:).
  • Your so immature. Grow up its okay not 2 like her but 2 wish her dead is immature. Only a Douchebag such as yourself would do such a Horrible thing.
  • Khloe I noticed that even though you are a beautiful and strong woman, you struggled with insecurities regarding your weight in the beginning. How did you overcome that struggle and what advice do you have for women who are in that same situation?