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  • "But the biggest news for Nicole's career in the last year was not pictured here – She wrote and published a novel named Priceless that was released in September." There is a butt load of crap in this single sentence. Start with "Nicole's career" - What career? What does this person do? She wrote a novel - I doubt it. The fact that she (translated: her super-rich father) published this novel that she allegedly wrote tells me that no established publisher would not touch it.
  • Is this what that dumbass Ronald Reagan called trickle-down economics.
  • This is going to be a blood bath - I CERTAINLY HOPE!! Of course, that is contingent on this douche baguette having enough gray matter in her skull to even realize that she is getting raked over the coals. I'm guessing she is too stupid to know.
  • A grain of salt, folks, a grain of salt.
  • The word "Gotten" is not needed. "Anna Faris Has Married" says exactly the same thing.
  • Birth control for rich people? Is it such a remote concept? Yet another f*cked up Hollywood kid on the way.
  • The woman is a prostitute. All she has ever done in her life to make a dime putting out. She now has a rich guy really on the hook. She is cute and has big fake boobs - and then what?
  • Gold digger extraordinaire! Way to go Kendra. Between Hef & Hank, I'd guess she's set for life. This baby is just a Ace in the hole.
  • This is a very unflattering photo - I'll just go out on a limb and guess it was altered. DUH. She is very talented. She is just trying to break into a business where talent means absolutely nothing any more. Rappers who can't count to 10 and can't stay out of jail and can't stop shooting each other (with the gun held sideways, of course) have ruined the art of music. The recording producers have dragged her into this shameless farce and will not let her just sing.
  • She is blonde, hot and stupid. I just want to see her naked. This marriage thing is just gold digging.