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  • [quote=ohmygoodness]smokinnnnnn! :) he definitely is competition for r-patz[/quote] there is no competition at all rob wins by a landslide
  • [quote=nina]I thought New Moon was about Bella's loss. I wish they'd stop trying to make a new heartthrob. It's not gonna work. Not with that nose. Focus on the real story of Bella and Edward and ditch the dogs.[/quote] totally agree u go person
  • [quote=beth]Notice they can't pimp Lautner out for his acting's all about muscles...yawn . Really getting sick of his face.[/quote] i know how you feel it is always the same in real life his voice is sooo annoying
  • [quote=BellaDonna]hawt! Personally, i like him better than r.patt[/quote] screw you rpatt is much hotter lol
  • [quote=RaeBella]nobody wants to know kristen stewart.....all i know is i love her in twilight movies that's all nothing else!!!![/quote] for you information i wish i could know her and i know many others who feel the same
  • [quote=LILO] jaja you re so right! how wants to know her? please introduce me to Patrick and then move on jeje just kidding, or not? who knows!![/quote] u r just like that jelous whore i just wrote to
  • [quote=whatev]Please stop talking, Kristen. We don't want to know you. We want you to hone your acting skills so that you don't have "stink face" for the entirety of New Moon. We are all constantly evolving and growing, so right. No one knows anyone, really. Blah blah.[/quote] u r a bitch who is probably going through something yourself kristen stewart just wants eople to know that no one really knows any one so shut your damb mouth know it all whore
  • the noah dude is already stating to really piss me off seriously he is sooo not gay you just wish he was so u could screw him