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  • [quote=Cat]People. Read the comments. They left alone. At 3 am. He doesn't live in her hotel. People who do live in her hotel left at the same time and she didn't go home with them. Go look back because Lainey posted a picture of R/K on Monday and didn't say where it was taken. It was taken at Rob's hotel on Saturday. Kristen is still wearing the clothes she wore on Friday when she left the set. At this point anyone who doesn't believe has to be delusional.[/quote] Hi,I went to lainey website but i cannot find that pic taken at rob's hotel on saturday can please e-mail me the pic or tell where to on on lainey website to fine to the pic but can you please email me the pic here is my email( Karen
  • [quote=elaine]It was taken at Rob's hotel on Saturday. Kristen is still wearing the clothes she wore on Friday when she left the set.>>>-----------I saw those pics, and they both looked like they had just rolled out of bed. His bed.[/quote] hey where did you see them pic's please tell me i love to see them here is my e-mail please e-mail st ( karen
  • [quote=cc]so heard rob flew to los angeles today for work something or other. wonder if that's why kristen went home with him last night--to celebrate together properly before he had to fly out in the morning. kristen doesn't have to be back on set until monday so could sleep in this morning. i'll bet rob kept her up all night. dirty boy.[/quote] i wonder when is rob going to be back
  • [quote=benesmee]Have you seen the holding hands photo yet, but I'm not sure it's real. You can see it at /[/quote] hey can you e-mail me the picture at
  • I read this on another website where someone said they weren't only just sitting there with their legs like that,there are a few reports of them doing more than just that and I wanted to ask anybody have you heard of anything,please e-mail (
  • Hi,I want to ask anybody that was at the club that night what did you see of rob and kris. i would to know what you saw night with rob and kris pleae e-mailat and pic too if who ever who there might to pics but again please email karen
  • Hi,Katie I read what you post and i would love to know what you saw please email at
  • [quote=rae]well when i came into the room i saw him right away at the end of the room and he was definitly needing to be sitting down and she was right beside him. within a couple minutes she leaned in to hear him better and then he gave her a sweet smile and then she leaned in and kissed him on the forehead and i was kinda taken back for a sec. I was pleasantly surprised though cause hse was very outgoing and freiendly and he was really shy and quiet and just listedn to us talking and would smile often. They were really nice and sitting really close she had her legs kinda intertwined in his and she kinda looked like she was keeping him safe and he needed it. It was great and they are for sure together.[/quote] hey can you tell me more of what you saw and did you take any pic.write back
  • [quote=rae]they are totally together me it looked like that anyways i was with them for a while after the show backstage and the chemistry is undeniable...they are together i would bet my life on it ....and i loved seeing it they are great together[/quote] hey can you tell me what you saw and did you take pics write back karen
  • [quote=sara]To Danybr, yes, there are LOTS of pics of them at popsugar, taken from the other night. Lots of them very close and cozy, and looks like Rob is about to kiss her in one. Word from a club employee(that also took a pic) said they were kissing backstage.[/quote] hey is there anyway you can get the pic of them kissing write back