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  • Oh Kellan...gods greatest creation XD
  • she* haha sorry I got my nails done today
  • Well let me tell you the half of it! Twilight is the biggest thing out there. Everytime I hear the word twilight I immeadiatley get in on the conversation and I only read the books once and know everything about it. Before my Nana(grandma) Passed away I got her to read the first book and ahe loved it, heres the crazy part, she was 80 years old! TRUE STORY! I AM the biggest twiligt fan because instead of getting gas in my car I bought ALL 4 books, with my paycheck and I ran out of gas as soooon as a get in the gas station. TRUE STORY! Everytime my friends and I hang out, we all talk about nothing unless it is Twilight related. Everytime I get a paycheck, I always buy something from Hot topic that is twilight related. I have T shirts, keychains, the books, and commemorative book(behind the scenes) the soundtrack, posters I bought and poster I made, I take twilight seriously and I will HURT someone if the say Twilight is stupid right in front of me ( I almost did nce haha) Like I said I take it seriously and I cant live without twilight, I'm seriously dying because it is taking foreverrrrr for New Moon to come out. *sniffles*. everytime I see and commecial I'm like OMG OMG OMG OMG!!! and then I'm like "time needs to go faster" And, just like everyone else here is saying "It is my life now" No...its been my life since I opened and read the first page of the book, I love Twilight just like everyone here does, but you know what...I do take it seriously and I take it to heart whenever someone says Twilight is stupid are whatever, not say that crap around me because I will go "grizzly" on you. Yeah I'm and Emmett fanpire!! woo hoo!