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  • I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!! can't wait to meet you this summer!!!
  • [quote=Twilight Mom]I'm sad to see so much of the actors smoking. Lung cancer, is no way to go.[/quote] Me too I know that its thier choice if they want to smoke and I respect that, but it surprised me I already knew Kristen and Robert smoked but I didnt know Kellan and Peter. and lung cancer is no way to go i agree
  • Ok well first of all I am in LOVE with Twilight just like everyone else who commented here. 2 Every time I see Robert Pattison or anyone else in Twilight on TV I start hyperventilating and screaming. 3 This year was the first year I watched the whole Oscars because Rob was in it and screamed when they showed like 3 Twilight clips and of course when I saw him on TV. 4 I read all 4 Twilight books more than twice and at night when I'm about to go to sleep I ALWAYS read one of the Twilight books or else I cant sleep. 5 I go on any Twilight related websites EVERY day, like and and alot more. 6 I ALWAYS know whats going on with ANYTHING Twilight related. 7 I watched Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire over the weekend when it was showing because Rob was in it and it hurt me when he dies at the end of that movie, even though he was another character. 8 I am always waiting to talk about something Twilight with my friends (they are not as obsessed as I am)and I always talk about Twilight but they think it gets annoying. 9 You can ask me ANYTHING about any of the Twilight books and I will have the answer. 10 I risk getting grounded and yelled at because of Twilight but I don't care because I love Twilight. (my parents don't really like Twilight they say I'm to obsessed with it) 11 I wear my two Twilight bracelets every day since I got them at Hot Topic on January 24,2009 (I remembered the date)and I also have an Edward Cullen blanket which I sleep with every night since I got it on that same day and I also have the poster. 12 Twilight has been on my mind 24/7 ever since I read that first sentence for my first time in Twilight. 13 When someone says something bad about Twilight or vampires or ANYTHING related to Twilight I seriously get really mad and start defending Twilight.(just ask my sister) 14 I wish I was a vampire. 15 I love everyone in the Cullen family and anyone in Twilight.(though some I don't like,like Lauren some of the humans) 16 I cleaned the Kitchen, did the laundry, behaved, got good grades, and baby sat my two sisters and one brother for 2 weeks so that I could go to the Twicon in NJ. 17 I want to move to Washington and actually talked about it with my parents or any place where its always raining and/or cold. 18 I always look for things that remind and/or relate to Twilight. 19 I have dreamt about Edward Cullen 4 times, I have dreamt about Alice Cullen and Bella Cullen twice and I have Dreamt about Carlisle once and I dreamt about Jacob once ,though I don't know why I'm not really a big fan of his. 20 I made this account to try to win this Twilight contest.because I love Twilight 21 I can NOT live with out Twilight It is a part of me now, without Twilight I am nothing, I'd be that same old boring person I was without Twilight (the one people think is normal)Twilight is the only reason I wake up in the morning. 22 I live, eat and breath Twilight. 23 I could go on and on about why I'm a huge Twilight fan ,but I have to give other fellow Twilight fans a chance to win! Good Luck to other Twilighters out there! Thank You!