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  • [quote=tatts09]dear miley..please.... in the near future do not try to attempt the sexy just makes you look like a 20cent whore...if you do not have boobies i suggest you go buy a's stupid to draw attention to your chest area when you have nothing to show..i think you might be able to afford it since you had your lips and teeth done..i'm just saying..[/quote] haa :D I agree! ! ! she is ugly! and to all the people who say that the haters are just jealous : NO! I hate her and hell no, I'm not jealous of this bitch! her teeth, her face, her voice...everything is ugly! poor girl! just my opinion.
  • [quote=Muzz]Miley how hard is it for you to button up your shorts?[/quote] I agree! Is she so fat? I don't think so. She wants everybody to see her "sexy" body....her face is too ugly, so the only thing that she can show is her body...poor girl! And btw I don't believe that she's a virgin lool not miley cyrus!
  • ......... ugly horse!
  • [quote=twilightsagafan]This girl is trying to be like britney spears!Dancing on stage is not something that a 17 year old girl should do.It's just slutty. But's not a surprise.Watch out world our sweet hannah montana wants to be sexy!btw: she's ugly[/quote] *dancing on stage like a bitch
  • yes this could be miley in some years...
  • And her plumped lips say hello! poor girl...
  • This is looking like a picture for a porn magazine...
  • why? just why lindsay? horrible!
  • Omg...poor guy! They really need to give him some privacy! :(