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  • I personally think that she proved to everyone that she is a classy lady. But no matter what she did, if she smiled or not, people were going to criticize her. If she didn't the they would have said that she ignored them because she still have the hots for him. And if she did, it was because she still isn't over him. So she did what she really felt like doing, and it was genuine. Again, she showed everyone that she has class.
  • I'm sorry, but those earrings looked more like toys that Shiloh or Zahara would play with. Sorry Lorraine Schwartz but they are not pretty. And if Jennifer Aniston was nervous talking in front of you 2, at least she had the guts to face you both, while you were making fools of yourselves, trembling on the chair, making believe that you were laughing while all the time you were really shaking. COWARDS!!!
  • This double loss proves an important point. They are second class actors. The thing is that because of all the adoptions and pregnancies, the last one was of twins, they had called the attention of the media and they appear on almost every weekly magazine. And because of that publicity is the reason why people are still talking about them. But, be honest with yourself. Rent one of their movies. Watch it alone in your house, with no one interrupting. You will realize he is, well was, just a pretty face. And you will see that St. Jolie has ALWAYS the same expression on her face, no matter what the situation in the movie is. B class actors, and that is doing them a favor. She sucked all the hotness he had. He doesn't turn heads anymore.