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  • lmao. HOT! I should have checked his twitter that day!
  • badday4 you keep trying to make some connection between apartheid and gluten, and it makes no sense whatsoever, so just give up. Also, why her comments may have been carelessly said( don't think she was talking about Celiac disease, just the fad diet), I don't believe she was insulting the PEOPLE who are on the diet. Just the diet itself, and saying its B.S..
  • the way I see it, she wasn't talking about the illness existing or not existing, she was talking about gluten free diet as a FAD diet. The whole notion that it helps you lose weight is B.S. to her.
  • badday4, Charlize didn't point to any particular study, how do you know the study she's referring to doesn't have more than 32 participants? I think you need to be more informed about what she's talking about, and Charlize probably needs to be more informed about Celiac Disease. I won't pretend I've done my research, but maybe we should find out what research she's referring to before we judge her.