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  • its not letting me post the picture :( MY MOM REALLY DESERVES THIS.
  • file://localhost/Users/adylisrecinos/Pictures/Photo%20Booth/Photo%20on%202012-05-11%20at%2021.32.jpg my mom deserves to win a kardashian kollection home set because she is the best mom in the world! she always tells me to learn and keep up with the kardashians! you guys are amazing and i am so glad that my mom knows how i feel about you guys! My mom has been a dad and a wonderful mother to me. Words just can’t describe how amazing of a mom she is! My mom is the best! i might not have a dad.. but shes like one for me! always there to support me! i love you mommy! She loves the kardashians and the best mother’s day present for her would be to win a home set from kardashian kollection!