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  • Bieber always uses correct spelling and capitalization. It wasn't written by him.
  • Fail. Laura Franco doesn't read her own website enough to know that Selena is tragically no longer "set to become a big sister."
  • Why do they pick guys to write on this stuff? It's not a onesie, it's a romper.
  • My favorite shopping companion is me! I don't know anyone who will let me browse as long as I need to (I take forever), so I really have to shop by myself if I need something.
  • Justin's people would not let him get in the same room with someone who is either so deranged or so malicious she would make up huge public lies that damage Bieber's hard won career. She's doing it to get attention and make money, and it's working. It's a shame Justin has to waste his time on this, and he is not going to reward her with more attention than necessary to make her go away.
  • Marcus Flavius Aquila from "The Eagle" will forever be my favorite Channing Tatum character. Yes, Channing looks good and is funny in many other movies, but Marcus is the most complex and nuanced character he has ever played, and his struggles with honor, loyalty, failure, friendship, and belonging made the movie what it is. And yes, he also looked good sleeping shirtless in his bed of furs.
  • I love "Jenny from the Block" because it has such a great beat, and I should win because Puma's are my first love.
  • My favorite scene was when Marcus was alone in the creek with the Eagle and he hears the Seal People's dogs barking and knows they have caught up with him, and he draws his sword. Even though he is alone and injured and has no chance of surviving, he will die defending the Eagle. Then you see figures coming through the fog and feel this huge sense of hopelessness and dread, but it turns out to be Esca and the Ninth Legion. Not only are you completely relieved, but Esca has this funny grin on his face that just says he is so proud of what he has done and is really enjoying this moment when he can prove to Marcus that he is a loyal friend.