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  • Thus the reason Obama won. The racists who can't dislike the man because of his beliefs or policies, killed it for anyone who was on the fence. I can't stand when racists defend some of my other political positions and spout their racist garbage at the same time. Its like those of us sane and rational people who accept all types of people, are fighting on two fronts to try to have some responsibility in government.
  • I have to agree. They should be off limits as minors. I am shocked by all of the people, women especially who are almost demanding to see their pictures because we pay for them. I am as anti-Obama as you can get, but publishing photos of minor girls, possibly in bathing suits, is not something we should ever encourage. There are a lot of sick people out there who might want to use those for their own twisted purposes. The kids don't have a choice and don't deserve to be hassled.