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  • Sam Anders is one of The Final Five. (any other huge dorks like me get that???) I dont know who the picture is of, but he's a cube.
  • The Lord of the Rings trilogy was a documentary so don't you dare make fun of the HARDEST THING EVER TO DO. Don't judge Elijah Baggins. All of you would of killed gollum and roasted him on your George Foreman, then gone to every female celebrity's house and watched them change while you were invisible then gone home and jerked off while crying and then try to hock the ring on ebay but get no bids higher than $1.99 while some douche from Michigan sells a fake one for $500. So now you, depressed as sh*t, use the ring to steal hits of coke from rich kids on Scottsdale, AZ. I'm just saying, don't judge the ring-bearer.
  • I don't know what's hotter: my ballsack or my anus. I do know Cory Feldman is hotter than neither.
  • He looks similar but has warped with age. As will all of us. Don't judge.
  • If you freed your willy in any decade you should be locked up forever.
  • My timepiece died one day as I was about for a stroll on the cobblestone through the Holly Wood neighborhood. I soon approached a quaint gentleman from aft and politely inquired as to the hour and minute. Much to my surprise, the gentleman introduced himself, rather rudely if I may boldly add, as 'The Fergie' from the 'World Famous Traveling Troupe of the Black Eyed Peas!' Imagine the horror! A man that looks like a woman! And, by God, he was convinced that he was truly of the female species! After I wiped my mouth of the inevetible vomit, I immediately prayed to the Almighty that such nonsense would never take hold of the famous persons of The United States of America.
  • Her earings point the same direction as her boobs! Now THAT'S acting!
  • Is it just me or are there two triangle shaped areas ranging from his neck to his belly that are invisible? Seriously, where are those parts of his body? I can't see them. I remember when he was Urkel on the show I could see those parts of him. What happened?