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  • I LOVE, NEED AND WANT THIS BAG!!! This 2011 ALMA Awards Celebrity Gift Bag ROCKS!!! First thing I have fallen in love with is the Target Google iriver STORY HD, Belkin Slim Folio Stand; Belkin eBook Light...Why? Because I am a teacher and we have 30 minutes daily that we read with our students. It would be great if I could have any book at my fingertips and share it with my students. Reading is very important at our school. Second I noticed the beautiful •Tiffany & Co. Windham Bowl...I would use this bowl at my surprise 30th birthday.Told hubby he would have to surprise me this year :) Third I would love my hubby to smell like Antonio Banderas, who wouldn't and of course for me to smell like Shakira would be awesome too! And lastly all the other items would be icing on the cake! Thank you, Valerie Follow on facebook as well as on twitter @ralvyandbubba email
  • Leather Bracelets :) LOVE THEM FOR FALL!!!
  • By far Michael Jackson is my favorite celebrity Pepsi spokesperson! Not only was he the King of Pop, Michael Jackson is and will always the best musician, singer, writter, dancer ever to walk this plant. His talent was un-parallel to any other. His music influenced a change in the way people see the world as well as eachother. He will be truely missed. PEPSI IS NOT ONLY THE BEST BUT ALWAYS HAS THE BEST TO REPRESENT THEM!!!
  • I plan to wear the beautifulI Alexis Hudson Handbag with my fall attire! Skinny Jeans, cute oversized print top, blazer and sexy heels!!! That bag would be perfect for a date night out or a night out with the girls! Love it! Thank you so much!
  • I LOVE the Maillot swimsuit by Vitamin A! Not only does it look great on Ms. Swift but will look good on a curvy gal like me! I would wear the swimsuit spashing in the oceans of Hawaii, relaxing on Isola del Giglio (a little island off the coast of Italy) and tanning on the beaches of Laguna Beach! Every chance for me to get away for awhile is much needed since I am a teacher! School started up again but I am dreaming of the days of Summer :) I Would Wear This Swimsuit ALL Around the World!!!! Thank you for this opprotunity! Celebuzz and Vitamin A are awesome :) YOU ROCK!!!!