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  • I don't see anything wrong with saying she feels like she's being raped. It's her feeling she didn't claim or use the word for anyone else's feelings and besides you only get offended if you choose to be, it's all in the mind of readers sometimes when you choose to agree to a comment as being true for you or not! She says her apology.Stop persecuting her!
  • If I could trade looks with right now, it will be with Kristen Stewart. Gosh, can she look lovelier than this? with extensions or not, I think she can carry any hairstyles even the Joan Jet messy do worked for her.
  • gosh! i've seen pictures of them before for Vanity but I didn't know this one exist.Gosh! My heart is in my throat..can't breathe..this is so damn HOT!
  • i am happy to see them together,aside of course from when they were filming, but i am really hoping that we give them a little space for whatever it is that is going on between them (hopefully love =] ) to grow!
  • Well, it will be so cool to have his songs in the movie...he is so talented and that's what i loved about him.
  • [quote=notsoobsessed]I need to pee. I need to pee. I need to pee. I need to pee....[/quote] CORNY!!!
  • i wonder what scene is this... hmm...
  • i love the color of his skin...
  • well, i don't think she's looking at him in this picture but even so, they look good together and seeing them together makes me smile =)
  • kristen looks so beautiful in the VMA's. gotta admit, i was a bit shocked seeing her dress this way, i thought she has forver embraced the rocker-joan jet look (which i totally hateby the way). Good job. As for Rob, he looks like the Edward Cullen in my mind. weee...