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  • kristen and rob of course....i like the other couples but the wedding kiss was by far one of the best we've ever seen!! :DD
  • now i officially can't wait for november...god this is so excruciating!they're giving u a little taste and then you're supposed to wait for 8 months or so...ugh! :PP and please guys stop comparing the hunger games with the twiilight saga,the stotyline is completely differeant and even though there's a love triangle messing up with our mood in both books -xaxa- the first one focuses more on how a girl who has taken the place of her little sister in a contest fights to stay alive and how her winning affects her life afterwards,while the second one is about an all consuming love at first-sight between a vampire and a teenage girl and how it defines her there are no similarities!Both the books are great but i'm a sucker for romance so...twilight is by far my favorite! :))
  • why are they doin this to me?? how can i choose between damon and tyler when they look like that?!! ;PPP
  • i can't find a sinlge photo of him that i don't like...honestly!!this guy is just gorgeous and i think that he has a great future in front of him..well that's at least what i hope!:P Team Rob <3<3!!
  • great photo...they look amazing together!! :)
  • seriously?? Bradley Cooper?! i mean...he's good-looking,u could even say that at some movies he looks hot but he's definittely not gorgeous enough to be named sexiest man alive..a place that belonged to johnny depp or brad pitt!!it's not like there are no sexy guys left at hollywood...take ian somerhalder for example or eric dane or sb more classical like george clooney!but mr.cooper...nah..nah..i'm sorry to say that People's choice ruins my appetite!
  • Ian Somerhalder or R-patz...coz they-'re sexy and we know it!! ;P [img][/img] [img][/img]